B2C Incubation Programs

Start-up Incubation

Our B2C Incubation provides customized support based on each startup’s unique business needs. Ideally, startups entering incubation have a business model that’s based on demonstrated customer need and must be in the early prototype stage; or will have graduated from our accelerator program.

Incubator engagements start with a three month trial period and can be extended up to a maximum of 39 months in successive six-month periods based on client need.

Incubation provides the following services:

  • Support with identifying and mapping business goals and milestones, which may include:
    • Developing or refining a business model
    • Technology roadmapping
    • Financial projections
    • Developing a funding strategy
    • Assessing management team and talent needs
    • Creating go-to-market strategies
  • Access to B2C Coworking mentors
  • Assistance in the navigation of Zimbabwe’s entrepreneurial support services – introductions, connections to resources and expert advice

B2C Coworking is uniquely able to connect Startups nearing commercial viability to early stage capital. These funds are designed to support this critical stage in the development life cycle and prepare startups for follow-on private investment.

Below are some of our incubation programs at B2C