B2C Code Academy: Future Proof

B2C Code Academy: Future Proof

What do parents want for their children?  Happiness, success, a fulfilling life.  That’s why they come to B2C Code Academy.  It’s where parents trust us to teach their kids the most critical skills to their kids for the 21st Century.

These skills aren’t typically taught in schools today.  It’s these skills that will allow children to excel in business and pursue the life they dream about in the digital age.  We can’t wait for schools to change from their 100 year old structure.  The world is changing too fast and our kids will be grown before that happens.

The B2C Code Academy team has years of success in the digital economy and training.  Plus, we’ve put years into training the older generation programming and we have discovered that we need to start earlier and teach the kids when they are still young.  Next we designed fun practical ways you can teach your kids.

You really can future proof your kids.  Decide to parent on purpose today.  Let your kid join us, you’ll be glad you did!

Sign Up here! Lessons are on every Saturday from 9.00 am to 12.00 pm